Critical low water level in southern Norway: report

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Before the weekend, the water level in Norway's main drinking water source sank seven centimeters in a day. The water level got so low that the pump that transfers water did not reach down to the water surface.

The dry summer has forced many Norwegian municipalities to limit water usage, the report said.

The measures taken by NVE's oldest base station have never been so low since the agency's establishment in 1949, the report said.

"There is very little water flow in comparison to what is normal for July. It is special that the water level is so low over such big parts of the country. I can not think that this has happened during the past 500 years," said Inger Karin Engen, hydrologist in Norway's Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).

The extreme drought period in southern Norway has led to the largest animal feed crisis in agriculture for decades. Desperate farmers, in fear of great financial losses, turn to animal slaughter as the only solution.

That is a strong sign that parts of the country go through the driest July in at least 70 years, NRK said.

OSLO, July 24 (Xinhua) -- Water level in southern Norway is at lowest level in at least the last 70 years and the oldest water meter in Norway has never shown lower groundwater levels in July, public broadcaster NRK reported Tuesday.